2 years ago I was a personal chef for a longtime friend Mike doing dinners for his CPA firm.  He had asked me if I wanted to participate with the annual garden event to showcase my food, which I need to create a logo for my own booth. Tapping back into my childhood and with a help of my longtime friend Kris, I came  up with Another Pat Creation.
Another Pat Creation simple desire is to create a special memorable experience from food. Connecting old friends and making new friends through our connection of food.  I want to touch everyone palate with Another Pat Creation dish at a time.
I would like to say a special thank you to Karol ” BFLY” Pabon for helping me develop my own website. Louis Hale for turning in my vision of my logo into a reality. Also thank you to all of the photographers that took a picture of me and my food look absolutely beautiful,  Farah Sosa (Farah Stop). Gabriel “Gato” Ferrer (Gatodelux) , Dani Meigel.